A water and environment expert recently said the harshest drought conditions in the Colorado River has become the new normal, for which irrigation, water use and conservation measures are needed in the region.

Carlos de la Parra, a researcher with the nonprofit Restauremos El Rio (Let’s restore the river in English), said the drought is the longest reported in the last century.

Scientists have coincided in the fact that things will not be that same in the river, so use of water must be modified in agriculture, homes and private companies, the expert said according to media reports.

During a recent water seminar, Francisco Bernal, National Water Commission regional director in Baja California, said drought has brought together authorities and agricultural producers to work in a solution.

Colorado River water allocated to Mexico was reduced last year and a second reduction is expected for next year depending on an International Water and Boundary Commission decision.

That decision depends on Hoover Dam water levels expected for January. Bernal hopes such level remains the same as of today.

Bernal considered conservation measures are needed in agriculture, while cities must aggressively promote smart water use. At the same time, authorities must work in water reuse and looking of new sources.

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