A state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to increase penalties on those found guilty of having committed sexual abuse with the involvement of drugs.

Assemblyman Ramón Vázquez proposed to consider the crime as aggravated, which in turn could allow judges to increase penalties by half.

The lawmaker seeks to increase penalties of cases of rape, rape equivalent, improper violation, sexual abuse and consensual sex with a minor if the victim is given drugs.

The bill, if enacted, would modify the state’s Penal Code.

Vázquez considered that many substances that can help lead victims suffer sexual abuse is relatively accesible.

The lawmaker said up to 17 percent of sexual abuse cases are drug-involved.

Victims must be tested in order to prove drug-involved sexual abuse. “We know there is a lot to do,” the assembly member said. “With this legislation we are closing loopholes in those cases that can actually happen and remain impune.”

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