State lawmakers approved Thursday a bill package to increase equality between women and men.

The package was previously approved by the Commission of Gender Equality and the Youth.

Assemblywoman Liliana Michel Sanchez, of the National Regeneration Movement Party, introduced the 12- bill package in Thursday’s Assembly meeting.

One of the bills allows transgender people to request a new birth certificate for name change purposes.

Other bills forbid discrimination on any grounds and matches local and Mexican laws to protect women against harassment.

Assemblywoman Sánchez previously highlighted that Baja California is fourth nationwide in terms of women harassment.

Also, the package includes a bill that mandates a 36-hour detention of those who violate restriction orders.

The Assembly also voted for a bill that seeks to divide home tasks among all members. “Let’s stop dehumanizing people systematically from the government and society,’ Sanchez said. ‘It is sexist to reduce people to their body parts or force them to live according to certain social ideals.”

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