Two legislators introduced a couple of bills that seek to address extreme violence at schools.

The first bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Rosa Margarita García, who chairs the Legislative Commission on Public Safety and Civil Protection.

The lawmaker said the bill is based on discussions held by state authorities to address recent events that had put children and teenagers, as well as teachers and staff safety at risk.

State authorities have held meetings and launched working groups to assess the situation.

According to García, state law lacks provisions to allow authorities to act in case of extreme violence.

The lawmaker said the bill seeks to protect student rights while allowing law enforcement agencies to inspect and intervene in criminal incidents reported at schools.

At the same time, the proposal looks forward to protecting school communities, parents and residents in general by regulating how the authorities can efficiently act.

The measure forces parents to sign school discipline bylaws and authorize law enforcement and school staff to hold preventive inspections.

The bill was turned to the Commission of Public Safety and Civil Protection.

The second proposal was introduced by Assemblyman Ramón Vázquez. This bill would modify the state Law to Prevent and Eradicate School Harassment and the state Law of School Safety.

According to the lawmaker, both laws have not been updated and adapted to the post-pandemic reality.

Vázquez said the State Department of Education must consider school harassment and its consequences.

The legislator said the law must be modified in order to clearly identify problems that are causing stress to parents like threats to schools similar to those that had occurred in the US.

“This is a great issue that affects both public and private (schools),” Vázquez said.

The lawmaker said some of these threats have been recorded and published in social media.

The legislator considered that his colleagues must approve new policies to promote coordination among all government agencies to protect schools and prevent a tragedy from happening.

Vázquez said parents must also be responsible for the legal consequences of their children’s acts by holding them accountable in the way their children utilize digital tools.

At the same time, the lawmaker said the mental health of students must be strengthened.

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