Mexicali’s fair was left by the past administration with a close to $6,000 debt, as well as no funds for payroll.

Fair Director Omar Landa told La Voz newspaper that the agency requires 1.3 million pesos or $65,000 to pay salaries for the next three months.

Also, Landa said the fair needs 1.6 million pesos to pay some suppliers for last month’s fair edition.

Every year, the City of Mexicali provides a 3.6 million pesos subsidy to hold the yearly fair, as well as additional funds to pay for water and energy. This year the subsidy doubled.

Landa explained that such a subsidy is paid back, but the past administration spent 1.5 million pesos that were supposed to go to the Christmas special event.

“We have no money,” Landa told the newspaper.

The fair director also said the agency requires funds to pay taxes, energy, water and some healthcare services.

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