A city official announced the launch of a probe against fairgrounds manager Omar Landa due to a potential conflict of interest.

City of Mexicali Comptroller Héctor Ceseña told La Voz newspaper the complaint was filed Monday after a person next to the manager won an RFP to organize concerts in the Isla de las Estrellas or Island of the Stars venue.

The city official said although three proposals were introduced only one was accepted. This triggered an investigation to determine how and why the RFP ended in favor of Javier Doñates Martínez, friend to Landa.

The businessman won a 15 million or $ 750,000 contract.

Comptroller Ceseña said RFPs like this could repeat again in the future with other fair providers.

The agency expects to obtain probe results in two months. The investigation includes reviewing all RFP paperwork and compliance.

In case of violation, the case could be turned to the Administrative Justice Court that could rule Landa’s prohibition to hold an appointed office for a decade. The agency plans to hold real-time audits to the fair.

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