Three fake state police officers attempted to kidnap a driver in the Colonia Nacionalista area, according to media reports.

The incident took place at 4:30 p.m.

State police officers were deployed to the scene to start an investigation.

The victim told the police that while driving his bronze colored Nissan Sentra the fake agents stopped him.

The suspects were driving a white Ford Interceptor that had police lights.

The driver stopped the vehicle and the false agents approached the victim.

The fake officers notified the victim about an outstanding arrest warrant.

The suspects attempted to force the victim to enter the fake patrol car, but the victim was able to flee.

The suspects took the vehicle’s keys, as well as a smartphone and a briefcase with documents.

One of the suspects was dressed with dark clothes and none of them had police badges.

The false patrol car was found abandoned blocks from the scene.

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