A state lawmaker introduced a bill that would erase from Baja California’s Family Code the word concubinage and would allow parents to set the order of their children’s last names at please.

Assemblywoman Rocío Adame, who chairs the legislative’s Political Coordinating Board, introduced a bill that, if enacted, will give the state a brand new Family Code.

The lawmaker said the proposal seeks to provide families legal certainty.

The measure will first be discussed by stakeholders, specialists, judges, lawyers and others in order to include most recent changes to the Civil Code.

According to the legislator, the main issues included in the proposal are changes to the concept of family and the consideration of virtual violence —held through electronic devices— as domestic violence.

Adame said the new civil code includes provisions to end with the term concubinage and changing it for matrimonial union.

Also, parents will be allowed to divorce through a notary public.

Aspiring spouses would be forced to take part in a special seminar as a requisite for marriage licenses.

The bill was turned to the State Reform Commission.

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