Mexicali has seen a significant increase of deaths caused by fentanyl, a local activist has said.

Users consume this drug due to its easiness to produce, having succeeded heroin that is barely found on streets.

Fentanyl has increased its use among the youth in Mexicali, El Hijo Pródigo rehabilitation centers director Santiago Raygoza told La Voz newspaper.

Raygoza said he based his comments on experiences shared by rehabilitated drug addicts as the state has not released any details about this issue.

This drug is an opioid between 50 and 100 times more powerful than heroin and morphine, he said.

However, drug neutralizer naloxone must be administered in several doses to counteract fentanyl due to its power.

In the past, fentanyl was mixed with other drugs like methamphetamine and marijuana, Raygoza said. Today, such drugs are mixed with hot water and are cheaper than other drugs. Even contact with skin can cause death, the rehabilitation centers coordinator told the newspaper.

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