The company contracted to provide equipment for the Mexicali Fire Department has delayed the purchase of those items that firefighters had demanded for months.

According to media reports Mayor Guadalupe Mora has said the company contracted during her predecessor and Governor elect Marina Avila has delayed the items for two or three months.

Now, the city seeks to warn and ban the company to prohibit the city from contracting the company again in the future.

Regarding the $250 bonus for firefighters, Mayor Mora commented that such a benefit is not mandatory, so its payment will be suggested to the next administration.

Firefighters marched Monday to demand equipment and the payment of the bonus.

City Executive Officer Karla Castillo unsuccessfully attempted to stop firefighters from holding the demonstration.

The Mayor assured that no disciplinary actions will be made by the city about the protest.

Mayor Mora said she respects the demands made by firefighters.

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