A city official said firework permits won’t be issued this year.

City Environmental Protection Director Manuel Zamora said no permits will be issued for the purchase or sale of fireworks.

The city also seeks to prohibit the distribution of fireworks next month.

For years, the city has seen an increase in air pollution during the last month of the year, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Director Zamora said the city plans to cite and fine those who are caught in violation of local ordinances.

The official said the order was set by Mayor Norma Bustamante.

According to the director, local authorities are still waiting for Council approval to prohibit the sale of fireworks.

The city is home to Cohetera Cachanilla — a private company with permits issued by the Mexican Department of National Defense for the production or sale of fireworks. Zamora said the sale of firewood will also be forbidden.

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