Three men and two women were arrested Monday morning in eastern Mexicali after a shooting, according to media reports.

The suspects were cruising on a white Jeep Rubicon by Cetys Avenue and Ninth Street.

The report says the suspects made gun shots while traveling on Cetys Avenue and then attempted to flee towards the Airport Highway.

Local and state police officers stopped the vehicle.

According to the report the police found two guns and an undisclosed amount of police vests inside the vehicle.

The suspects were transported to the Mexican Attorney General’s office. No other details were available as of press time.

Mexicali police revealed Tuesday additional details about the arrest of four individuals the day before after a shooting in eastern Mexicali.

The police said the suspects nabbed were identified as Felipe, Alexis, Andrea and a 17-year-old girl.

Among those arrested the police said one was sought by local and state law enforcement for causing violent crimes in the Baja California-Sonora border.

The authorities said a report was made at the emergency center regarding a drive-by shooting from a white 2021 Jeep Wrangler by Cetys Avenue.

Mexicali police agents attempted to stop the driver, who decided to flee. However, with support of additional patrol cars the police was able to stop the driver in the intersection of Cetys Avenue and Ninth Street.

The police said inside the vehicle agents found a 5.56 caliber rifle loaded with a magazine, two additional magazines and 79 ammunition loads, as well as a Glock .40 caliber handgun located with a magazine with no ammunition.

Originally, the police said police vests were also found in the vehicle. The vehicle and the suspects were turned to the Mexican Attorney General’s office. The agency has not reported any details regarding the arrest.

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