Five individuals were shot to death in two separate incidents, according to media reports.

The first case was reported at 9 p.m. Friday in the Vistas del Valle area.

The victims’ wives told the police they were inside a home when they heard one of the victims ask a man identified as Mike to stop.

Then, the women heard several shots.

Upon arrival the police found the victims in the floor.

The dead me were identified as Miguel Ángel Perez Alcaraz, 40, and Salvador Antonino Alvarez Ramos, 42.

At the scene the police found 17 bullet casings.

The suspect presumably fled in a white Honda vehicle.

The second incident was reported to the police at 10 a.m. Saturday close to a worship center in the Nuevo Milenio area.

One of the victims was located close to the church while the second one at about 200 yards away. The victims were not immediately identified.

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