Former Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla appeared in court Monday although the now Senator was not officially cited.

Bonilla said the allegations brought by the Attorney General’s office for the solar plant project have no grounds.

The prosecutorial agency accused Bonilla and several other former state officials for several crimes related to the solar plant that was once considered the largest in Latin America.

The contract led Next Energy to charge the state even though the plant never came to fruition.

A private bank kept the state’s federal funds based on contract terms.

In the end, the company decided to cancel the contract and returned the funds. However, the state filed a complaint against Bonilla and the others.

The former governor said the Attorney General’s office failed to provide defendants paperwork of the allegations.

“They have proof of nothing,” Bonilla told news reporters after leaving the courtroom. “Everything is documented in the contract.”

The former governor denied signing the contract with Next Energy, while the project never went through an RFP.

The contract only included the purchase of energy for the Tijuana aqueduct, Bonilla said.

The hearing was delayed until mid-October by defense attorneys’ request. The Judiciary said Bonilla was not cited for the hearing.

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