Former Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla was cited for an indictment hearing Aug. 15, state Attorney General Iván Carpio said.

The state official said some of those cited for the hearing can decide to appear in court or not.

According to media reports, Bonilla decided to skip appearing in court based in a special legal shield that protects elected officials.

Bonilla assured he is still a Senator although an electoral court ruled the opposite.

Attorney General Carpio said those who prefer to ignore the citation could see an arrest warrant issued instead.

Bonilla and several other former state officials have been accused of crimes related to a contract with a private company to develop a solar plant to provide energy for the Tijuana aqueduct.

The project did not come to fruition due to lack of federal and municipal permits.

However, the company still charged the state as set for by in the contract.

The project would have led to a 12 billion pesos or $600 billion debt.

Carpio said the agency has evidence to accuse the former Governor and former state officials. “This is not a political issue,” Carpio said. “This is an issue of probable acts of corruption.”

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