Baja California opposition leaders filed Tuesday a petition before the Mexican senate that seeks to impeach former Governor Jaime Bonilla.

The impeachment request seeks to forbid Bonilla from getting appointed to public non-elected office.

State National Action Party Chairman Mario Osuna said the petition was filed after Bonilla left the Governor’s office while the state had a crime, health and economic crisis.

According to the state chairman Bonilla turned from a finger pointing candidate to an authoritarian public official.

Also, the former Governor and former Senator was criticized for retaining federal funds that were supposed to get turned to cities.

“Jaime Bonilla should not return to public service,” Osuna said. “If he has already caused damage to Baja California he should not cause damage to Mexico.” On Tuesday, Bonilla was appointed Under Secretary of Government by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has publicly declared the former governor as a friend.

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