Although he promised not to do so, former Governor Jaime Bonilla has decided to recover his Senate seat.

Bonilla, who previously said he preferred to stay in Tijuana, has notified Senate Speaker Olga Sanchez that effectively Friday he plans to take back the seat he was elected to in 2018.

Bonilla — a TV and radio businessman — stepped down in order to run in 2019 for a two-year Governor term.

The former governor’s decision after a complaint for misuse of funds was by successor Governor Marina Avila against seven officials.

Bonilla was succeeded by alternate Senate candidate Gerardo Novelo.

The now former interim senator released a video on social media in which he thanked relatives, colleagues, followers and public officials for their support.

“This is not a goodbye, but an until soon,” Novelo said in the video, in which he also expresses his support to the so-called Fourth Transformation led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “We will keep making history.”

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