At least two former state officials assigned themselves bodyguards for the next year with the costs incurred in paid for by the State of Baja California.

The decision was issued and signed by former Secretary of Government Amador Rodriguez, who assigned bodyguards to himself and former Penitentiary System Commissioner Jesus Nuñez Camacho.

The decision was published in the State’s Periodical on Oct. 27.

La Voz newspaper recalled that Nuñez Camacho was accused of asking businessmen money in exchange for government contracts.

Each official will have three bodyguards per shift paid for by the State. The document does not clarify if those shifts are eight or twelve hours.

The decision also includes the former officials’ wife and children.

Both Rodriguez and Nuñez Camacho will get a couple of vehicles each that include fuel and maintenance paid by the Penitentiary System.

The benefits were set for a year but could be extended if the officials’ security is at risk.

Rodriguez justified the bodyguards by saying his job as Chairman of the Penitentiary System is of high risk, especially as the prison system holds members of criminal bands whose assets and funds turn state officials vulnerable.

The state Department of Government announced the bodyguard, vehicle benefits were cancelled and police officers were returned to agency tasks.

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