A former state police officer was indicted by a state judge for forced disappearance of a victim, the state Attorney General’s office said.

The agency said Javier, no age reported, was indicted for an incident that occurred in April 2011 in the Ciudad Guadalupe Victoria rural town area.

According to the authorities the suspect and two other former Preventive Police Department allegedly entered a residence where the victim, Jesus Francisco Balderrama Sanchez was found along with a minor.

The police officers allegedly assaulted the victim to death.

The authorities said the police officers presumably wrapped the corpse in a blanket and buried it in the Vicente Guerrero rural town area.

Originally, the agents involved denied any wrongdoing.

The corpse was found until November 2017.

An arrest warrant was issued by a state judge a year before the body was found, the agency said.

The indicted suspect was arrested on May 5 in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and eventually transported to Mexicali. The judge decided to keep the suspect in prison during trial and gave prosecutors three months to close the investigation.

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