Baja California Governor Marina Avila attended Tuesday a presidential ceremony to celebrate Women’s Day.

President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador held a ceremony in the National Palace along with elected and appointed female politicians of his National Regeneration Movement Party.

The governor also took part in another event Saturday in Mexico City along her fellow female governors.

According to Avila Tuesday’s event was held in order to recognize and commemorate the fight of Mexican women in the nation’s history to achieve equality of rights and opportunities.

Gov. Avila called women that day after day build the greatness of Mexico from their homes and workplaces.

Baja California has been highlighted nationwide due to the large numbers of homicides of women.


Groups of women who took part Tuesday in a march to demand protection and the defense of their rights from the authorities vandalized City Hall.

Hundreds of women took part in the demonstration that started out at the Attorney General’s office headquarters.

Participating women demanded justice for those females who had been victims of homicides.

The group then marched up New River Boulevard and then took Independencia Avenue east towards City Hall.

Later, the group painted graffiti at the walls of City Hall that were mostly covered by wooden walls.

The women also broke the northern entrance glass doors and ignited some fires.

No police officers were deployed to the scene during the demonstration. While Mayor Norma Bustamante declined to file complaints or reports against those involved in the vandalism, Governor Marina Avila said no building has more value than any life.

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