Baja California Governor Marina Ávila decided to step back with the proposal to transfer healthcare funds to cover presidential tour expenses.

In a memorandum dated Aug. 10, Secretary of the Treasury Marco Moreno requested Assembly Speaker Alejandra Ang to remove the proposal.

The state official asked in the memorandum to remove the budget modification filed back on June 29.

On Twitter, Gov. Avila highlighted the importance of presidential visits in order to get funds for projects and programs for the wellbeing of Baja Californians.

“His presence is always a matter of pride and joy for all of our state,” Gov. Avila wrote in her Twitter account. “I want to be very clear with the presidential tours — the state provides logistics in all events and actions made to support Baja California families.”

The governor added that transferred funds were not coming out of the Department of Public Health, but from the Executive Office. The Governor’s office originally requested transferring 3.6 million pesos for the purchase of antibacterial gel, face masks and other items for disbursement among hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers to cover presidential visit costs and other gubernatorial events.

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