Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla has suggested holding a referendum that would allow voters decide whether to approve abortion or not.

The governor criticized the Assembly for the possibility of approving legislation without asking people’s opinion in the matter.

Over the weekend pro life activists demonstrated during President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador’s visit to the state.

A bill to decriminalize abortion was recently introduced by a state lawmaker.

Pro Life organizations had held several demonstrations against the bill that had included blocking the legislature’s building.

“Let’s hold a referendum and ask people, because that is a participatory government,” Bonilla said. “It would be very arbitrary that the Assembly under its own convictions discards people.”

Last month the Mexican Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional the laws enacted to criminalize women for getting an abortion.

According to lawmakers human rights, that would include the right to abortion, cannot be submitted for ballot proposals. Some conservative lawmakers had held forums to discuss their rejection to abortion.

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