Mexico’s Electoral Court issued a warning to Governor Marina Avila for inappropriate use of public funds.

The case was based in a memorandum issued on April 7 by the Governor’s Office inviting state employees to participate in the presidential recall vote.

The National Action Party filed a complaint with the local board of the National Electoral Institute in Baja California.

The local board issued a warning and called the governor to stop from releasing a similar invitation.

The board also called Gov. Avila to delete a video posted in her Facebook page that also invited voters to take part in the recall vote.

Mexican law forbids elected officials from promoting the vote for several weeks before any election.

The warning asks the Assembly to determine disciplinary actions for the governor’s conduct.


Baja California Governor Marina Avila has been warned by the National Electoral Institute for her recent participation in a campaign event held in the state of Coahuila.

Gov. Avila was warned along over two dozen politicians of the National Regeneration Movement Party for taking part in the June 26 event named “Unity and Mobilization.”

The Democratic Revolution Party filed a complaint against several governors, senators and appointed officials for their participation in the event for improper personal political promotion, use of public funds and anticipated campaigning, as well as elections violations. The institute called those found in violation to stop holding such events.

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