Four months into her administration Baja California Governor Marina Avila has seen her approval decline, according to recently released survey results.

Pollster Arias Consultores released the results of a nationwide survey among over 20,000 people that says 30.6 percent of respondents in the state approve the governor’s job.

About a fifth of respondents declined to answer and 48.7 percent disapproved of Avila.

Gov. Avila was set in place 17 among the 32 Mexican governors.

The pollster said the governor lost 10.5 percent of her approval rate. However, only two of the governors were approved by at least half of their state respondents.

On average, governors of the President’s National Regeneration Movement Party, or Morena in Spanish, have an average approval rate of 30.1 percent — the lowest compared to governors from other parties.

The survey shows that 63 percent of respondents consider Gov. Avila lies, while 47.5 percent consider the administration is not trusted for private investment.

Gov. Avila was best rated in terms of delivery of pantries and food to vulnerable communities.

However, 68.3 percent of respondents in the state considered the administration is failing in public works, 57.6 percent flunked the governor in healthcare services, 36.5 percent said the governor had failed in tourism.

Gov. Avila also fails for respondents in the economy.

Where the governor sees very low ratings is crime — 80.6 percent of respondents say the former Mexicali Mayor has flunked in addressing corruption, 88 percent consider it in addressing crime and 85 percent feel insecure in Baja California.

Although 36.3 percent of respondents in Baja California support the president’s party, Morena is the worst rated party in the state with 40.5 percent.

The survey shows that 42 percent of respondents in Baja California say President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says the truth and 58 percent think the president lies.

The president has the fourth lowest rates in Baja California, just above Zacatecas, Michoacán, Veracruz and Mexico City.

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