The public letter signed by Governor Marina Avila and over a dozen colleagues must be taken out of social media, a Mexican agency announced.

In the letter, Gov. Avila and 15 other governors expressed their support to Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador fight against the so-called powerful forces of the country.

Pres. López Obrador was supported after journalist Carlos Loret unveiled a home rented by his son in Houston from a businessman who had contracts with the Mexican government.

The National Action Party filed a complaint against Sunday’s letter that was accepted by the National Electoral Institute.

The complaint was based on alleged violations of election law that mandates no propaganda must be made public by governmental entities before elections.

The country prepares for a national referendum to decide whether Pres. López Obrador should leave office after three years in the presidency.

The letter highlighted the President’s achievements.

Gov. Avila deleted the post right after the ruling.

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