Haitian pregnant women have been asked by healthcare services staff to deliver their babies in Mexico to save both lives, but the request has fallen into deaf ears.

Maternal and Children Hospital Assistant Director Marina Montañez said these mothers expect to be admitted in the US for asylum, so they prefer to deliver their babies once they cross the border.

The state official expresses her concerns due to the risk for both babies and women.

Montañez said some high-risk pregnant mothers have been asked to deliver their babies in the hospital or at least stay longer in the hospital.

The Assistant director said back in 2016 a mother who delivered twins initially rejected any assistance in order to attend her appointment in the US Consulate.

Recently, a Haitian mother delivered her baby on the street due to the same reasons.

So far this time three pregnant women have rejected healthcare services. The state has already launched an effort to address the issue by approaching the Haitian community, the Department of Public Health said in a statement.

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