After an undisclosed group of Haitian immigrants arrived in Mexicali a couple weeks ago and more are expected soon, an activist said.

Alfa y Omega shelter manager Tomás Diosdado told La Crónica newspaper that the goal of these families is to request asylum in the US as many of their relatives are already in the country.

The activist told the newspaper that young Haitians understand that the process will be long.

Their stay in Mexicali has been estimated at 18 months.

On Friday, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced the end of the Migrant Protection Protocol dependent on court rulings.

Diosdado said Haiti has been impacted by earthquakes and floods, which has forced many to leave the half island country to have a better life in the US.

The shelter has already removed the time requirement to stay in the site. Diosdado asked residents to provide a helping hand by donating food.

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