The federal Court of the District of Massachusetts, in charge of the litigation initiated by the Government of Mexico against companies that produce and distribute firearms for their responsibility in the illegal traffic of arms to Mexico, issued an order on Friday by means of which the calendar proposed by the parties for the development of the first stage of the judicial process were approved.

The Mexican Department of Foreign Relations said that, pursuant to said court order, the defendant companies will have until November 22, 2021 to present their arguments of rebuttal to the Mexican lawsuit.

Once this period has elapsed, the Government of Mexico may present its reply to the arguments of the counterparts before January 31, 2022. Finally, the defendant companies must present their counter-reply before February 28, 2022.

The agency said that, through the legal advisor, Mexico will continue to coordinate with other Mexican federal agencies and entities to follow up on this important litigation and act in a timely and forceful manner in defense of the interests of Mexico.

Likewise, and as up to now, the agency will continue to report promptly on any relevant development in this regard.

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