Although compared with California home prices on the other side of the border might be seen as low, purchasing a house in Baja California has turned more difficult for its residents.

Reports from the Federal Mortgage Society reveal that the average price has reached close to 1.3 million pesos or about $75,000.

Last year the average home price increased 10 percent in Baja California, the report says.

Prices began rising in 2018 with an average yearly increase of 9 percent.

This has left most Baja Californians no chance of buying a home.

According to real estate reports the issue especially affects those whose monthly earnings are $550 or less — equaling 7 out of every 10 residents. Fernando Zamora, with the Mexican Association of Real Estate in Baja California, told El Sol de Tijuana newspaper that the authorities must develop strategic programs to promote home construction for low wage workers.

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