A homeless man of about 40 years of age died Thursday just across the Emergency Room of the General Hospital.

The man allegedly arrived in the hospital in order to get treatment, according to media reports.

The incident was reported at noon.

According to the reports, the man was not admitted given he was not transported in an ambulance.

Witnesses said the homeless man bought a cigarette from a local vendor and then asked for water. The man then laid down next to a mural.

The police were notified by a reporting party about a man dressed in shorts and without shoes who was in the public way.

A police agent reported that the man was found on the curb.

The police officer unsuccessfully asked General Hospital staff to admit the man. Service was denied by a receptionist as the man was not transported in an ambulance.

The man died moments later, according to the reports. As of press time, the hospital has not made comments about the case.

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