Two men who allegedly took part in the murder of a rural Mexicali resident were apprehended by state police officers, the authorities had said.

Assistant Attorney General Hiram Sanchez said the suspects were identified as Octavio and Jose Andrés, no ages reported.

The individuals had been accused of the homicide of Fernando Rosas Quijada, 74.

The victim has been reported missing since early September.

In this case, prosecutors seek to include in the allegations charges of robbery and vehicle theft.

Sanchez said the suspects presumably thought the victim was an easy target and moved forward with the crime.

Rosas Quijada filed a missing report on Sept. 1 after the victim was on his way to his Cerro Prieto rural town ranch.

The victim first took his daughter to work, the authorities said.

Detectives were able to find the victim’s smartphone close to his ranch.

After two days, the authorities found the victim’s burned vehicle over three miles from the site where the phone was located.

According to the authorities the suspects left and burned the vehicle at the scene.

Rosas Quijada body was found in Sept. 21. According to the agency the victim was shot to death by the suspects, who have criminal records for robbery and drug possession.

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