The closing of at least three shelters has affected about 400 immigrants that were left homeless.

Activist Altagracia Tamayo, manager of the Cobina shelter told La Crónica newspaper that if the Mexican government does not provide the needed support shelter issues will not change.

Mexican government delegate in Baja California Alejandro Ruiz recently said Mexico has provided funds to shelters.

Tamayo said 31 families were forced to move to Tijuana after the closure of shelters, while some others were admitted in other shelters and few decided to cross the border.

The activist expects immigrants return to Mexicali once summer is gone. However, after closing shelters it is difficult for their reopening, Tamayo added.

“We need the government help us pay energy bills, water bills, rent” Tamayo said, by adding that past administrations provided more help to shelters.

The government last time helped pay energy bills in February, the activist said.

Activist Sergio Tamai, who manages the Hotel Del Migrante shelter, led Wednesday a march by Civic Center streets with dozens of immigrants to demand support increase and the extension of municipal shelters schedules.

Also, the activist asked the authorities to install mobile three restrooms in different parts of the city.

The immigrants, all of them deported Mexican citizens, demanded city officials to hold negotiations to discuss the issue.

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