Close to four hundred Mexicali prisoners were transferred Tuesday from Mexicali Prison to El Hongo State Prison.

The Commission of the State Penitentiary System said the transfer led to reduce overcrowding in Mexicali Prison to 15 percent.

The local prison now homes 2,100 prisoners, the commission said.

Commissioner María Elena Andrade said in a prepared statement Ensenada and El Hongo prisons are now operating under the best conditions.

The commissioner explained that the prisoner transferring was included in the strategy to turn all state prisons under green light in terms of overcrowding.

“Prison overcrowding is not recommendable for safety and government,” the commissioner added. “Besides, it increases risks of illness spread and affects quality of life.”

Commissioner Andrade said the state is addressing all warnings issued by the state and the Mexican Human Rights Commissions to the past administration, including training programs.

The authorities called prisoner relatives to make sure relocation was done in order to improve prisoner quality of life. State, municipal and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as military personnel, took part in the transfer operation.

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