Thousands of Haitian immigrants had been denied from renting a house due to lack of documents needed.

La Voz newspaper reported that even though these immigrants have funds to make a deposit and pay rent, they have been refrained from renting a house as landlords demand excessive documentation.

One of those affected was a mother who told the newspaper after arriving in the city three weeks ago and due to the difficulties to request asylum in the US she attempted to rent a home.

The landlord demanded three or four months of income, card of residency, a guarantee and other requirements.

“We have none as we arrived in recently,” the mother told the newspaper. “The issue is very difficult.”

The City of Mexicali recently held a job fair for immigrants in the CREA sports complex shelter.

The mother told the newspaper immigrants left Haiti due to political issues that had led to lack of job opportunities. In her country employers demand up to four years of job expertise.

The woman said she spent all her savings to travel through 10 countries before arriving in Mexicali, where she seeks to find a job and a home.

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