The item price increase has not only hit hard the Imperial Valley, but has also affected Mexicali shoppers.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography released a report that said the yearly inflation rate in Mexicali reached 7.75 percent last month.

The rate is above the 7.28 percent of the nation’s inflation.

Roberto Valero, with the Center of Economic Studies, told La Voz newspaper that the rate is also the highest in the city since 2001.

Food prices increased 13.93 percent– the highest since June 1999.

Limes observed the largest price climb with 154.25 percent, while onions did 96.38 percent and tomatoes 55.55 percent.

Other items that also registered significant increases were milk, meat, chicken and bread.

Valero said the increases were higher due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, gasoline has not reported a climb as the gallon of the regular brand remains under $4.

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