The Mexican Institute of Social Security announced the launching of a special commission to determine details of the death of a pregnant woman during a cesarean surgery.

The institute said the commission was not planning to discipline doctors or staff in case of negligence, but will make recommendations in the case after releasing its findings.

Membership Director Gabriela Paredes said the report will lead to new policies to reduce maternal mortality.

According to the Mexican official, the agency plans to work along with experts and members of the Councils of Medical Specialties.

The investigation was triggered by the death of Keren Vallejo, a mother who had a cesarean surgery to deliver her second child in a Mexicali clinic.

The woman died after complications during the surgery.

However, a different corpse was turned to the Coroner’s office and eventually the woman’s body was turned to the state agency to set up an autopsy. The body had no organ tissue.

Paredes said all required information has been released upon request of prosecution agencies. Days after the case was made public, two officials with the institute’s clinic resigned. However, according to media reports the officials in fact moved to another office for being unionized employees.

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