A state lawmaker introduced a resolution that seeks to call state and city authorities to enforce a Mexican decree that forbids the sale of vapes and electronic cigarettes.

Assemblyman Julio César Vázquez said it has been common to see the youth on streets in high schools, colleges, restaurants and bars smoking vapes and electronic cigarettes.

“These e-cigarettes are being told to cause no damage,” the state lawmaker said. “However, a study of the US Center for Disease Control says these e-cigarettes produce a smoke that contains nicotine, flavor and other substances that are bad for lungs.”

Vázquez added that the World Health Organization has said e-cigarettes and vapes are dangerous for people’s health and must be regulated.

“Government must adopt appropriate measures to protect people from dangerous nicotine inhalers to stop children, teenagers and other vulnerable groups from using them,” the lawmaker said.

According to Vázquez, although Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued a decree to forbid the distribution and sale of e-cigarettes and vapes, no actions have been made to stop it.

The state Commission to Protect against Sanitary Risks has recently held several operations to seize e-cigarettes and vapes. The resolution calls state and city authorities to inspect businesses that sell nicotine inhalers.

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