A state lawmaker introduced a resolution bill to call state and federal authorities to launch a program to clean irrigation canals in Eastern Mexicali.

The resolution proposal requests starting out working groups along nonprofit organizations that would address the issue.

The National Water Commission has reported about a thousand miles of primary and secondary canals mostly in the unincorporated area of Gonzalez Ortega in eastern Mexicali.

The resolution proposal says many of these canals have become a source of pollution and represent a risk for public health as they have surpassed Mexico’s pollution standards, in some cases up to ten times.

The measure seeks to set a comprehensive plan to address the issue among several agencies including the National Water Commission, the state Department of Infrastructure and Urban Development, the state Department of Water Protection, Mexicali Public Utilities Commission, and the City of Mexicali.

Assemblywoman Daylin Garcia recalled that Mexicali is one of the most polluted cities in the country, which makes the canal cleaning a priority. At least some of these irrigation canals have been abandoned and no longer used in agriculture.

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