A state lawmaker recently introduced a bill that seeks to include hate crimes in Baja California’s Penal Code, including discrimination and racism.

Assemblyman Ramón Vázquez made a proposal to punish those found guilty of such crimes with up to three years in prison and 200 days of community work.

The proposal looks to punish those who incite or use physical force against one or several individuals due to hate, or use psychological violence in the same manner.

Also, the proposal seeks to prohibit the reproduction, production, distribution, and sale or turning of content that promote hate, including posting such content in media outlets or the internet.

“Penalization of hate crimes (…) will contribute to generate more tolerance and self control in society,” Vázquez said. “Certain behavior, although it could be considered non offensive, contributes to promote rejection, exclusion and the annihilation of certain groups just for being different to those who feel they belong to a majority.”

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