A state lawmaker introduced a bill that, if enacted, would mandate sexual education in schools.

Assemblywoman Liliana Michel Sanchez, who previously introduced a bill to decriminalize abortion, has now made a proposal to make sure schools provide sexual education to students in order to prevent teenage pregnancy.

The lawmaker, who chairs the Commission of Women, Men and Youth, seeks to promote emotional intelligence among students in order to develop their sexuality in a responsible manner.

“It is important to legislate to make sure sex education is considered a human right,” Sanchez said.

The Assemblywoman said comprehensive sex education requires information, tools and abilities.

Sanchez said sex education at schools, as well as reproductive services by public agencies is below the required standards in areas in development.

In order to reach that goal the lawmaker proposes to provide mandatory, universal and inclusive sex instruction under parameters set by national, regional and local culture without discrimination.

Curriculum would include responsible sex, family planning, pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted illnesses.

The bill includes provisions to discipline public employees who discriminate against pregnant women.

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