A state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to protect animals by declaring them as feeling beings.

Assemblywoman Claudia Agatón, with the Workers Party, said there are people who, due to lack of sensitivity mistreat animals with cruelty.

The bill, if enacted, would modify the State’s constitution to recognize animals as feeling beings.

Agatón said the measure was requested by groups that protect animals to defend their rights.

The Assemblywoman said it is time to respect not only people, but animals as well.

Agatón said animals used for human consumption must not suffer anguish or anxiety, while those used for work should not be exploited by causing them pain, extreme exhaustion or physical damage.

A similar bill was enacted in Spain recently while Mexican congress members introduced last month a proposal to protect animals too.

The bill seeks to mandate that all people have an ethical and legal obligation to respect life and integrity of animals.

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