A state lawmaker proposed to create a public record of domestic violence perpetrators accessible for people’s consultation.

Assemblyman Sergio Moctezuma Martínez said although the state has a list of sexual predators based in a reform adopted in the past legislature, the new record would complement the Law of Women for a Life Free of Violence.

This tool can help women stay away from suspects, the legislator said.

According to Martínez, the country has had a decades-long issue regarding domestic violence that in many times has become a habitual practice that is hidden by families.

The domestic violence public record would be in charge of the Department of Government with help from the Judiciary Branch.

The list will include those sentenced for domestic violence and similar crimes, either convicted criminals from the state and other states or countries.

Names, aliases, nationalities, sentencing terms, date and place of birth of those included on the list will be kept for up to four years.

An update will be provided by the agency in charge on the first day of the month.

Anyone will be able to access the list from a computer. Record copies will be available.

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