A state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to implement gender equality in Baja California’s largest public college system.

Assemblyman Juan Manuel Molina, of the National Regeneration Movement Party, announced the introduction of a proposal that would grant applying the principle of gender equality in the appointment of officials in the Autonomous University of Baja California.

The college has not had a single Dean in its over six decade history while most top offices are occupied by men, including the University Court where sexual harassment cases are studied.

Molina’s proposal would modify the State’s University Law and the local constitution.

The lawmaker said although the federal constitution grants gender equality in public agencies, the principle has not been applied in the college system.

The bill, if enacted, would grant applying those principles system wide, including schools and other college offices. On Tuesday, Dean Octavio Valdez announced a proposal to modify the university’s motto from “For the full realization of Mankind” to “For the full realization of the Being,” 

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