After the Mexican government stopped providing funds to states and cities to address crime, a state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to start a brand new public safety fund.

Assemblyman Diego Echevarría, with the National Action Party, said the proposal seeks to compensate funds lost from the federal government.

Crime funds assignment was modified in 2016. The Mexican government disbursed back then 4 billion pesos or $200 million among the 300 largest cities with the highest crime rates.

However, the Lopez Obrador administration changed the rules, while the funds simply disappeared.

At the same time, the administration started funding the recently created National Guard with 3.3 billion pesos.

Echevarría considered that policy as mistaken given that the new law enforcement agency has no national coverage.

Also, the legislator said first respondents need those funds more to purchase vehicles, weapons, vests and communication devices, while providing more cop training. The lawmaker proposed to set apart funds from the payroll tax to disburse money to municipalities based on population and crime rates. 

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