A state lawmaker introduced a bill that seeks to protect doctors who decline to practice abortions in government-owned hospitals.

National Action Party Assemblywoman Amintha Briceño recalled that weeks ago her colleagues were unable to approve abortion. Such a bill, which was a constitutional amendment, required 17 votes. The Assembly ran short to reach that vote threshold.

The proposal sought to force doctors who work for public agencies to practice abortions.

The lawmaker said now state law contradicts secondary regulations.

“Due to this evident contradiction we must seek (legal) mechanisms to protect those who made an oath to defend life,” Briceño said. “I am referring to doctors who work in the public sector and those who decline to practice an assassination that is called abortion.”

Although the conservative lawmaker recognized authorities who are not forcing doctors to practice abortions, she said the decision is based in good faith.

The bill seeks to protect doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals and staff members by applying no disciplinary actions when they decline to practice abortions.

The proposal was turned to the Commission of Government, Legislation and Constitutional Affairs.

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