A state lawmaker asked the Judiciary train staff in order to appropriately address requests of gender change filings.

Assemblywoman Liliana Michel Sánchez, of the President’s National Regeneration Movement Party, said two residents filed requests to change their names and gender in their individual documents.

However, the Judiciary has not responded to the requests.

Due to the lack of an answer, attorneys Yvonne Ávila Méndez and Anthuan Gonzalez Zapien filed three complaints.

According to the legislator, Chief Justice Alejandro Isaac Fragoso Lopez said the Judiciary has not responded as the issue has not been properly solved.

Sánchez Allende recalled a Tijuana judge was disciplined after a complaint was filed due to a similar situation.

“These facts are a cause of concern due to the presumed violation of rights of the LGBTQ community,” the lawmaker said.

Sanchez Allende added that the state courts impose requirements for name change that include physical and psychological tests that are considered a violation of the constitution and international treaties.

The Assembly approved a resolution that calls the Judiciary to address this issue.

The resolution also requests the launching of a training program for Justices, judges and all Judiciary staff on protocol set by the Mexican Supreme Court.

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