After Governor Marina Avila vetoed a bill that would have forbidden gender conversion therapies in Baja California, lawmakers addressed the topic in a recent hearing.

Assembly members with the Commission of Gender Equality and the Youth held a hearing to address the veto.

The bill was voted on by the Assembly weeks ago, but Gov. Avila decided to veto the proposal and returned it to the Legislature on May 5.

A new bill is now under way to address the veto, but respecting its original content to prohibit any kind of sex conversion therapy.

Assemblywoman and commission chair Michel Sánchez recalled that the bill was voted in favor by the Legislature on April 21.

The veto asks lawmakers to define with precision the concept of conversion therapy.

Legislative consultant Francisco Javier Tenorio said the state administration coincides with the legislature on its effort.

The new bill that includes the governor’s issues was introduced and voted once again by commission members.

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