State lawmakers approved Tuesday a proposal to launch a bi-national working group in order to address pollution in water ways in both Tijuana and Mexicali.

The working groups would remain opened permanently, according to the proposal.

Assemblywoman Daylín García, with the Citizens Movement Party, said there are agreements between Mexico and the US that would allow to start remediation to improve water quality in the border region.

The lawmaker highlighted the need that Baja California and the cities also provide actions and funds to address the cleaning of irrigation canals that have informally been used for years as waste disposal sites.

So far the Mexicali Public Utilities Commission started a program to clean these canals.

According to the lawmaker pollution has been worsening every day while community and nonprofit efforts have not helped much.

Mexicali is home to about 148 kilometers of irrigation canals that are located within the urban area. Most of the water conveyed comes from agricultural land and the Zaragoza water treatment plant that end up in the Salton Sea.

Recently, several lawmakers met with California legislators to address the topic. Assemblywoman García said California has about $20 million that can help alleviate the situation.

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