State lawmakers with a bill that, if enacted, would transfer funds originally approved for the purchase of healthcare items to pay for presidential tours.

Legislators of the Budget Commission approved a bill that would transfer 3.6 million pesos or about $180,000 that were originally approved for the purchase of face masks.

Given Baja California was set on green in the epidemiological light system months ago lawmakers decided the item was not needed.

Commission members voted 8-0 for the fund transferring.

The bill’s text says funds will be used by the governor’s office for hosting and taking part in events.

Reforma newspaper reported that the funds were requested back in June by the governor’s office to cover three presidential tours for a cost of around $100,000.

The funds will also cover several governor events, including a Christmas toast for 4,000 employees.

Reforma added that the funds were originally approved for the purchase of items needed in hospitals, clinics and health centers. State Auditor Jesús García endorsed the fund transfer.

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