A state lawmaker introduced a resolution that calls Federal Electricity Commission officials to address the needed corrections to the energy grid after a series of outages that affected Mexicali residents.

Assemblywoman Amintha Briceño, of the National Action Party, said the commission needs to stabilize the energy supply and make service more efficient.

The lawmaker said high temperatures have caused a struggle to local residents who urgently need air conditioning units.

Briceño said one of the most recent outages left several areas without power for hours.

The issue was caused by problems in the combined cycle private energy plant that was launched by the Mexican government in order to avoid outages.

The agency has also said outages were caused by the lack of implementation of corrective protocol.

Assemblywoman Briceño said the outage left several traffic lights off, which caused traffic issues. According to the lawmaker, Mexicali is among the cities with the highest temperatures in the world.

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